Active vacation and adventures in Dubrovnik

Lokrum Island is a beautiful forested island next to Dubrovnik. The perfect solace just minutes from the Old Town, the island of Lokrum is a nature reserve and offers peace and tranquility that you will fall in love with. If you would like to see Dubrovnik from another and unique perspective and get away from the city crowds, you should take a sea kayaking tour. You will see the city walls from the sea, explore the hidden caves, swim and snorkel on the secluded beach and jump cliffs. This kind of outdoor activity is suitable for most of the people. There will be several stops along the crystal clear waters so that you can rest, swim, eat, discover Lokrum’s caves, and listen to cultural stories. You will hop in the kayak and paddle towards Dubrovnik, known as the pearl of the Adriatic. You will see a unique side of the spectacular city walls, listen to stories provided by your guide, and of course take lots of pictures! The day will end back on beautiful Pile Bay where you will feel rejuvenated and accomplished from a day out on the Adriatic Sea. here are many rental shops located around the Old Town and the sunset kayak experience is incredible. The views of the Old Town are unbeatable from the sea.


Best things to do in Dubrovnik!

Perfect boat experience

Near the city of Dubrovnik, there is a wonderful archipelago made up of 13 islands, the Elaphiti Islands. Boat trips departing from the city are an excellent opportunity to visit the archipelago. About 15 km from the coast, the boat ride to the islands is very short, allowing you to enjoy the scenery for almost the entire duration of the cruise. Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan are the 3 largest islands and the vast majority of boat tours take a break at at least one of these 3 islands.

Lopud is perhaps the most interesting island from a historical point of view. Its ruins can be easily visited during a stop-off of the boat tour. Breaks on the smaller islands, on the other hand, allow you to enjoy the crystal clear sea. The boats usually have snorkeling equipment, so you can also see the marine wildlife that is quite abundant in the Croatian seas.

Amazing scuba diving

If you are looking for a great scuba diving experience in Croatia, Dubrovnik is definitely the best choice. There are plenty of wonderful diving sites in the Adriatic sea, but the underwater world around Dubrovnik is one of the finest with its amazing flora and fauna.


The southernmost diving area in the Adriatic sea is renowned not only for its clear water, but also for its plethora of fish and marine animals, some of which can rarely be seen in the north Adriatic. If you prefer natural landscapes a bit further from the coast, the islands near Dubrovnik are recommended. The uninhabited Sveti Andrija, part of the Elaphiti archipelago, Bobara or Lokrum, whose in-land lake connects with the sea is rich in underwater caves, offers very interesting environments for all avid scuba divers.

Jet ski adventure

There are a lot of ways to tour this incredible City, you can walk, you can do a panorama bus, you can take Taxi but honestly, there is one way far superior to all the rest – Jet ski tours. There is nothing like the pleasure of learning the beauty of mother nature and human heritage with benefits of manmade technology. It’s another way to explore the coast and the city walls, but one that will give you much more of an adrenaline rush. Here, your passion for speed will mix with the pleasure of enjoying unique views of the city.From the Jet ski you can explore Dubrovnik area breath-taking Fortresses, City Walls, picturesque Coast, bays, beautiful Aquatic Caves, Cliffs, Beaches and crystal-clear blue sea. You can experience the best that Dubrovnik has to offer from the seaside.

Superman zipline over the sea

Riding along a zipline in Croatia is very popular. From north to south, ziplines are appreciated by thousands of tourists every year. Not only do Omiš, Krk and Split offer fantastic Ziplines, but so does Dubrovnik. Du the Wire is the longest coastal Zipline above Adriatic Sea, located near the Old town Dubrovnik with starting point on a small hill at 175 metres above sea level. You can reach speed up to 100 km/h in a superman pose with breathtaking view on Lokrum Island, which makes it the most attractive adrenaline activity in Dubrovnik. Your adventure will start at the top of a small oak hill overlooking the island Lokrum and the unique Adriatic coast. A flight over the oak canopies, cultivated meadows and breathtaking cliffs will end on one of the last non-commercial promenades of Dubrovnik area.

The most beautiful hike

Hiking up to Mount Srd is by far the most scenic way and the most rewarding one as well! The summit of Mount Srd is located within walking distance from the Old Town of Dubrovnik so it’s easily doable if you have a few hours. It’s one of the best viewpoints/spots to watch the sunset in Dubrovnik. Even better if you go for sunset or sunrise to really take advantage of the natural beauty of all the surroundings. You have the rolling hills on one side and the Adriatic Sea full of Croatian islands on the other. No matter what time of day you go, you will get amazing views as long as the sky is clear and the sun is shining. You’ll love hiking around Dubrovnik because you will see the city and the views from a perspective that 90% of tourists won’t get to experience.

Unique horseback riding

The horseback riding tour enables you to truly become one with nature, there are only the rider and the horse- a rest for the soul and the body. You can discover a new sense of serenity as you embark on a unique horseback riding experience in the picturesque Konavle Valley, which is just a 30-minute ride from Dubrovnik. You can build your core strength and learn how to direct your energy and attention to the horse, before you ride off into the sunset. No matter if you are not a skilled rider or you admire horses from afar, this journey will enable you to develop a more intimate connection with yourself and your four-legged friend, while exploring the stunning scenery of Dubrovnik’s golden valley.



Located in the south of Croatia, Dubrovnik have perfect conditions for all kind of outdoor activities. Running tours connects every corner of Dubrovnik, stunning nature and beautiful beaches. Crystal clear sea is perfect for swimming and kayaking tours. Konavle region with its mountains, backroads, vineyards, and rivers is a paradise for biking Tours. Having all this in a beautiful city made Dubrovnik one of the most popular active destinations in the region. Dubrovnik is ideal for holidays that combines historical sightseeing and being active at the same time.