Discover the real King’s Landing

Dubrovnik is a beautiful 13th-century city on the southern Dalmatian coast of Croatia. Due to its iconic city walls, beautiful architecture, and stunning crystal-clear waters, Croatians call it the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea. As a result, the Old Town of Dubrovnik is an officially recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s no wonder then why David Benioff and D. B. Weiss from HBO chose Dubrovnik as the setting for King’s Landing.

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular television series distributed by HBO and if you are a real fan of it, Dubrovnik is the right place for you. With the large outer walls, narrow streets of the Old town and fortifications built by human hands over time, Dubrovnik in Croatia was the perfect place for King’s Landing. Dubrovnik has been a prominent Game of Thrones filming location since Season 2 and the Croatian city is a must-visit for any Game of Thrones fan. Exploring the many Game of Thrones filming locations is one of the best things to do in Dubrovnik.


Best things to do in Dubrovnik!

Dubrovnik Game of Thrones walking tour

By far, the best way to see the iconic Game of Thrones locations in Dubrovnik is to take an hour or two hours tour on foot with a local guide. A guide will explain to you the locations and scenes without having to worry about where you’re going. Locals absolutely love the exposure it’s given the city, and an entire industry has developed around seeing the fictional King’s Landing. Not only does a tour highlight some of the best King’s Landing filming locations, but many of the tour guides also double up as extras on the set, so can give you juicy bits of gossip about how scenes were filmed and what the actors are actually like. You will learn all about the Targaryens, Baratheons, Starks and other noble families from your expert local guides who are incredibly knowledgeable in facts and fantasy, and of course, they are true GOT fans! However, don’t forget to experience some of the real Dubrovnik as well.

Must-see Game of Thrones filming locations

Being the religious and cultural center of the Dalmatia region, Dubrovnik has no shortage of picturesque sights: colorful roofs with terracotta tiles, impressive stone architecture, high-rising cliffs and a stunning ancient city wall overlooking the wild Adriatic sea. In large part for this reason, the city was chosen as the main filming location for King’s Landing, a fictional city in Game of Thrones.


Dubrovnik City Walls

If you only have the time to visit a couple of Game of Thrones locations in Dubrovnik, make sure that the City Walls is one of them. This is probably the most recognizable place in the show. You can spot different parts of the Walls in many episodes. More than this, the city walls are also one of Dubrovnik’s most spectacular attractions.


Here you can see some of the most famous filming locations of Game of Thrones:


Fort Lovrijenac

Lovrijenac Fortress is a historic fort just beside Dubrovnik’s West Harbor. It earned international renown before the GoT series for being the location of the Shakespeares Hamlet play, and the Croatian leg of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. Standing atop a tall cliff over Pile Bay, and originally built as part of the city’s defenses, Fort Lovrijenac is one of the King’s Landing filming locations that crops up time and time again. The vast majority of scenes that take place within the Red Keep have been filmed inside the Lovrijenac Fort.


Dubrovnik West Pier – Blackwater Bay

Dubrovnik’s West Pier is nothing less than stunning, offering spectacular views. This little bay has become famous for the epic battle scene, but it has been used for a lot of other scenes too.


Pile Harbour

The beach on this side of the bay, closer to the Old Town walls, has been used as the harbour of Kings Landing. Pile Harbor was a useful filming location in Dubrovnik for HBO, as it is located just outside of the medieval walled city. This meant that there was no need to close down the city to film. However, they did need to pay out the many kayaking tours that depart here.


Dubrovnik West Harbour

The west harbour is a quaint part of the city and a popular photo opportunity for many travellers. Just across the bay in Dubrovnik West Harbour you will find this picturesque facade with doors built into the rocks just below Fort Lovrijenac.


Pile Gate

Pile Gate is a gorgeous little cove sitting between Fort Lovrijenac and the Old Town. It’s the juming point for kayaking tours around Dubrovnik’s crystal clear waters. Pile Gate leads into the Old Town and you access it from a drawbridge. The riot is another of the most famous scenes in Game of Thrones. Pile Gate is usually always open and the filming of this scene was one of the very rare moments in which they allowed it to be closed. The Pile Gate is the main entrance to Dubrovnik’s Old City, with the majority of foot traffic entering through this side.


Minčeta tower – The House of Undying

The Minčeta Tower is the highest point of Dubrovnik’s City Walls fortification system. With its height and impressive size, the tower dominates the northwestern high part of the city and its walls. Travelers can climb this tower by accessing the City Walls. Nowadays, the Minčeta Tower is a museum.


Jesuit Staircase by Saint Ignatius Church

Located in the center of Dubrovnik’s Old City is the Jesuit Staircase. These beautiful stairs lead to Jezuite Street, where you will find the Jesuit Church of St. Ignatius and two famous Dubrovnik colleges. The Jesuit Staircase by Saint Ignatius Church is the backdrop to one of the most famous scenes in Game of Thrones. This was the most expensive scene in Game of Thrones shot in Dubrovnik. Because they are all businesses, bars and shops that had to be paid their full day price to be closed for the filming. Plus all the people that live in that street had to be paid for privacy guarantees that they wouldn’t look out of their windows during the filming.


Rector’s palace – City of Qarth

The Rector’s Palace is an elegant Gothic-Renaissance palace from the 14th century. Today, the city uses it as a museum and is a popular tourist attraction in Dubrovnik. You can go up the stairs to see the Rector’s rooms. There are some gorgeous pieces of furniture and artwork to admire. On the ground floor, the various rooms house some historic pieces from the jail and armory, plus lovely sculptures.


If you’ve ever wondered where the Game of Thrones is filmed, this is your perfect opportunity to see all the filming locations in Dubrovnik.