Discover unique things to do in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is one of its kind, and certainly a must-visit destination in Croatia. Dubrovnik is full of history. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the old town is perfectly preserved, and full of wonderful Renaissance, Gothic, and Baroque palaces, churches, and monasteries. It is often described as a museum town, but it’s also a town full of museums. In Dubrovnik, you can enjoy culture and art in all its forms: from music festivals, theater plays, art exhibitions to its architectural wonders. Dubrovnik is one of those places with a great vibe, one of those places where you feel good and where you can stay all by yourself and never feel lonely. If you like to take on a road in the pursuit of wonderful views, Dubrovnik is the place to go. You’ll enjoy winding roads, endless vistas, small villages, hidden beaches, idyllic olive groves, and vineyards.

The Pearl of the Adriatic is a tourist magnet and, with the huge variety of unique things to do in Dubrovnik! The dazzling city is a beautiful mix of the ancient town, turquoise waters, baroque architecture and terracotta rooftops. The unique mix of ancient town, beautiful architecture and delicious food means there are lots to see and do in Dubrovnik.


What Are The Must-Visit Places Outside The Dubrovnik Old Town!

Take the cablecar to Srđ

The best views of Dubrovnik and the surrounding area are, without doubt, experienced from the top of the Srd Hill. The Dubrovnik Cable Car was built back in 1969 and was enthusiastically used by millions of visitors who wanted to enjoy the most beautiful panoramic views. On a clear day, you can see up to 60 km (37 miles). For this reason the neighbouring Imperial Fortress was strategically built on this privileged spot, back in the early 19th century. You will be amazed with the breathtaking views of the Old City of Dubrovnik, the crystal clear Adriatic sea, and the numerous islands. You can also have a drink, snack or a meal at the snack bar or in the restaurant overlooking the Old City.

Explore an abandoned luxury hotel

Hotel Belvedere sits on a cliff’s edge on the south of Dubrovnik Old Town, about a scenic 15 minute walk from Banje Beach. This hotel was once the epitome of wealth, glamour and luxury at a time in history where things were on the verge of falling apart in the region. Complete with heliport, private beach and panoramic views of Dubrovnik’s Old Town and Island Lokrum. In 1985, a luxury hotel was built, on the same side of the city as the airport, where guests could relax around the pool, dine and drink at several bars and restaurants, and party afterwards in the nightclub. It only lasted six years, before war broke out, everyone was evacuated and the hotel was bombed. Unlike the old town, it was never repaired and remodelled. In the early 2000s, it was used for DJ parties. A decade later, it served as one of the many sets around town for hit TV series ‘Game Of Thrones’. But you can check out the ruins of the once glorius and most prestigious hotels of it’s time, Hotel Belvedere.

Discover your own cave beach

Betina, better known among tourists as a Cave Beach, is a small cave beach, only reachable from the sea. This is the most unusual beach in Dubrovnik. The cave makes it nice and cool even during the hot summer days (this beach gets only a few hours of sun a day). The pebbles are nice and rounded. Betina Cave is located in a cave between the picturesque villa Sheherezada and Gjivovichi beach. Hidden in the rocks and bordered by greenery, it is characterized by an unusual shape and clear sea that will be etched in your memory forever. The fastest arrival is swimming from the beach Gjivovichi, and the locals also offer canoeing accompanied by their own guide. Since the beach cannot be reached by land, it is never crowded with bathers, so you will have guaranteed privacy to relax and enjoy this natural phenomenon.

Visit museums

The Republic of Ragusa was a maritime republic centered on the city of Dubrovnik that existed until the 19th century. Not only that Dubrovnik was one of the Europe’s most famous trade centers, but it was also the time of city’s cultural growth. This is definitely worth exploring. Best way to do so is to visit one (or all) of the city’s museums. Often considered a museum town, Dubrovnik is also a town full of museums. Many museums are small, dedicated to the history of Dubrovnik, and the region. From modern art to romantic history and local lore, the Pearl of the Adriatic’s museums offer a broad range of exhibits.

Go for wine tasting experience

Croatia is a land of outstanding natural beauty, vibrant, atmospheric cities and, above all else, superb wines. Wine is an integral part of life here in Dubrovnik. You can taste some of the best Croatian wines in many wine bars in Dubrovnik old town but you can also take a half-day trip and explore vineyards in the Konavle region. Croatian wines, especially those cultivated in the Peljesac Peninsula, are rarely exported, so the best way to sample them is within the country.

Browse the market in the old town

The oldest market in Dubrovnik is located in the prominent, baroque square of Gundulićeva poljana. It is the open-air market in the Old Town that has numerous stalls full of seasonal fruit and vegetables as well as other local products like dried lavender, lavender oil, locally produced Grappa, and other fantastic brandies. This can be a great way to start your day in Dubrovnik where you can pick up something really nice to eat and then settle in the corner of the square in a small coffee shop for your morning coffee and newspapers. If you’re an early bird, this should be on your to do list. And if you’re not, this is worth waking up an hour or two earlier.

Experience Dubrovnik Summer Festival

The bustling walled city of Dubrovnik hosts its spectacular and one of the oldest European festivals presenting rich and vibrant theatre, ballet, opera, classical music, jazz and folklore programme. Festival promotes site-specific programme policy, combines tradition and modernity, and connects local, national and international creativity. As a place where people gather to exchange ideas and create new projects, the Festival promotes Dubrovnik as Croatian and world spiritual and cultural centre.

The Dubrovnik Summer Festival is recognised as the major producer of top-quality events in Dubrovnik, as Croatia’s leading cultural institution, and as one of Europe’s five most distinguished cultural festivals.



Dubrovnik is a captivating place to spend a few days, with medieval fortifications, limestone streets, seafood restaurants, and rocky beaches to explore. There’s a selection of unique things for those who want to get off the tourist trail. Whether you’re hitting up Dubrovnik as part of a cruise, a Croatia road trip or it’s your main destination, try some of those recommended things.