Here’s Why You Should Visit Dubrovnik In The Winter

Dubrovnik is mostly known as a summer destination with beautiful blue skies and sparkling seas. But should you consider visiting Dubrovnik in winter? Absolutely YES! Winter in Dubrovnik might not seem like an obvious choice for a city break but it’s actually a great time to visit. Dubrovnik in the wintertime means fewer crowds, better prices and milder weather. It turns into a perfect winter city break in Europe as its Mediterranean climate means milder winter temperatures than you might be used to.

The winter in Dubrovnik has many charms. While most European cities are covered in snow and fog, during the winter season in Dubrovnik you can sit on the terraces of restaurants or cafés alongside the main street, Stradun, and drink your coffee. Whichever cultural or historical site you visit in wintertime, you won’t encounter unbearable crowds and won’t be greeted by a selfie stick each step of the way. Dubrovnik is a city filled with culture, activities, and places worth exploring all year round.


Dubrovnik In One Day Itinerary!


That is why we made a full guide for what to do in Dubrovnik in winter.

Experience A More Authentic Dubrovnik

During a Dubrovnik winter, you can explore and discover the real Dubrovnik—the Dubrovnik that locals know and love—not the tourist attraction it is in summer. More locals are in the streets in winter, taking advantage of the low season to enjoy their cherished city. People are more relaxed and open, which creates a more authentic atmosphere and vibe. Winter in Dubrovnik is what the city is like.

dubrovnikTake a Walk Through History

Maybe the most apparent advantage of visiting Dubrovnik in winter is that there aren’t as many crowds. Actually, there are barely any. But that doesn’t mean that nothing is going on in Dubrovnik during winter. All of the touristic attractions are equally, if not more, excited to visit and explore.

If you decide to visit Dubrovnik in winter, you will have a great time sightseeing the Old Town of Dubrovnik without all the crowds and sweat that summer brings. A must-do walking around the Old Town Walls of Dubrovnik. Walking Dubrovnik’s city walls is the best way to get a birds-eye view of the old town. The full circuit of the 24m high and 6m thick walls is a two-kilometer walk. Dubrovnik’s city walls walk offers a range of views including battlements, patchwork red roofs and fortresses. It is an incredible way to see the city and learn more about its fascinating history. Exploring Dubrovnik’s walls in winter means that there will be fewer crowds and milder temperatures as well. It’s a much more pleasant experience than fighting the August cruise crowd for a spot on the walls. Also, Dubrovnik museums are always a good idea.

apartments gabrielaDubrovnik Winter Festival

Christmas markets are probably the first thing you’ll look up when planning a winter vacation. Dubrovnik Winter Festival and Christmas Market will not disappoint you. The Old Town is beautifully decorated with Christmas trees, twinkling lights, and tasty food on the local stands. If you are in Dubrovnik during December, definitely take some time to visit Dubrovnik Winter Festival. Along with delicious food and a wonderful ambiance, you can enjoy concerts and get familiar with Dubrovnik locals’ holiday traditions.

Dubrovnik’s beautiful palaces and fortresses will be dressed in snowflakes this winter thanks to the special holiday lights. Alongside the whole of Stradun, there are many Advent stalls with a varied offering of food, drinks, souvenirs and sweets. All these events are part of the Dubrovnik Winter Festival, which is held every winter in the city to celebrate the holiday season.

apartments in dubrovnikNew Year’s Celebrations

Winter is a season of celebrations, not only Christmas but also New Year’s. Each year, a diverse New Year’s program covers three days. Visitors can enjoy an excellent musical program that starts on the morning of New Year’s Eve, and on New Year’s Day, there is the traditional 10-kilometer race and a concert with champagne and oysters.

dubrovnikGo on a Game of Thrones Tour

One of the main reasons Dubrovnik has gained so much popularity in recent years is the Game of Thrones hype. This popular TV series fans instantly recognize it as Kings Landing, the Seven Kingdoms’ capital. You can visit various Game of Thrones filming locations in and around the Old Town. Fans of the wildly popular HBO series Game of Thrones can opt for one of the walking tours of the locations where this series was filmed for five seasons, as Dubrovnik is the stand-in for the capital of Westeros, Kings Landing.

apartments gabriela- dubrovnik in winterEnjoy in the city’s best view

One of the city’s star attractions, the Dubrovnik Cable Car, operates annually. Winter in Dubrovnik offers an entirely different experience. You will never be alone in the car, but you’ll definitely have much more room to enjoy the spectacular views. At the top, visit the Panorama Restaurant for a coffee, beer, or glass of wine while enjoying the city’s best view. Dubrovnik’s Panorama Restaurant is really popular. You often have to make a reservation for 4 to 5 days in advance, especially if you want to dine at Sunset. But visiting the restaurant in the winter means that you are far more likely to get a table at this coveted dining spot.

apartments gabriela - dubrovnik in winter

Another wonderful thing about winter in Dubrovnik is all the discounts. Not only are parking fees, accommodation rates, and guided tours much cheaper, some activities are as well. Spending a day at a luxurious spa becomes an extremely tempting thing to do in Dubrovnik just because of those significantly lower prices.