10 May 2022

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Tastes of the Mediterranean on a plate

Tastes of the Mediterranean on a plate

Dubrovnik has long been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. As a well-known tourist destination, it’s no surprise that Dubrovnik has a lot to offer to its visitors, especially when it comes to the gastronomic scene. Due to its big popularity and many yearly visitors, Dubrovnik develops and positions itself highly when it comes to its gastronomic offer. During your stay in Dubrovnik, you’ll be able to find restaurants, fast foods, and bars suitable to all tastes and budgets. There is no doubt you’ll be able to enjoy many delicious dishes while in Dubrovnik, and you’ll be able to find foods and restaurants that suit you and your taste buds.

When you are in Dalmatia, act like Dalmatians! Choose your favorite fish or seafood dish or treat yourself to a rich meat specialty with a glass of Dalmatian wine. So if you’re staying at this Adriatic gem, these are the places where you can enjoy the tastiest food and see the best views.

Upscale and fine dining (“5 star”) - Sushi & Oyster Bar Bota

In the Old Town center, across the street from Dubrovnik’s cathedral, in the first oyster & sushi bar where you can enjoy fresh oysters straight from a 40-km distant gulf of Mali Ston. The richness of color on the plate will blow your mind at first glance, and the unique texture and fullness of taste in every bite will convince you of the freshness of the food. The fish from the Little Sea is widely known for its top quality. Bluefin tuna, saber, gof and shrimp are the basis of every one of our unusual, light, fresh and modern snacks.

Mid-scale restaurants - Orsan Yacht Club

Do you want to get away from the city noise and look for a restaurant where you can relax? We suggest you restaurant Orsan, an oasis of peace and good mood where you will enjoy homemade food and a good drink. The restaurant is located in Lapad, by the sea, with a beautiful view of boats and yachts, in the pleasant shade of pine trees. If you are looking for where to eat in Dubrovnik on a budget, the restaurant also offers “marenda – a light lunch.

Cheap Dubrovnik restaurants - Kamenice

Kamenice, meaning oysters in Croatian, is a place to eat just that – oysters! Here you will get the freshest and most reasonably priced oysters in all of Dubrovnik. The trump cards in Kamenica are also: top-quality black risotto, small fried fish and octopus salad. The portions are generous, the fish can’t be fresher, and the prices are very affordable, especially if we keep in mind that we are in the most expensive Dubrovnik.

Pizzeria in Dubrovnik – Tabasco

Tabasco is located just out of the old town above the small parking in the Ploce neighborhood. It’s a convenient place to have a pizza if you feel like having one when exploring the old town. The outside terrace is breezy and pleasant. Tabasco makes its pizzas using a wood-burning oven. They offer a variety of toppings. The prices start at 70 Kn (9€).

Vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik was one of the first places in Croatia to offer an all-vegetarian restaurant. Restaurant Nishta opened back in 2008 when vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and raw weren’t as fashionable or as mainstream as today. Besides Nishta, there are a number of restaurants offering vegetarian-friendly menus like Sesame, Amfora, Marco Polo, and not to forget, Incredible India, an Indian restaurant with ample vegetarian options.

Bakeries in Dubrovnik

Bakeries in Dubrovnik offer all kinds of pastries, from bread, meat, cheese or potato pies, pizza cuts, sandwiches, frankfurters in puff pastry, to apple or cheese strudel, croissants, donuts and sweet pastry sticks filled with various creams. The choice is really vast and the prices are reasonable.

Wine bars in Dubrovnik - D'vino wine bar

Located in the heart of Dubrovnik Old Town, D’vino has an impressive selection of fine domestic and imported wine available by the glass, bottle, and in-tasting servings. D’Vino has the largest selection of over 60 wines by the glass in Dubrovnik. The diverse collection includes wines from all over the world including France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Chile, and of course Croatia.

Cakes and ice cream in Dubrovnik- Peppino’s

In addition to the classic ice cream in more than 30 rich flavors, Peppino’s also offers its ice cream lovers – Peppino’s Finest -a selected premium ice creams packaged in jars that can be taken home. In packaging inspired by the summer Mediterranean vibe and the “home-made” way of storing traditional delicacies such as jams and arancini, Peppino’s Finest is an ice cream that is really hard to resist.

Where should I stay in Dubrovnik?

We would recommend staying in the historical center to make the most of your time here without needing to spend too much time using public transport or a taxi. We are offering you 3 options:

Apartments Gabriela and a superior room are located in a traditional stone house within the UNESCO-protected Old Town of Dubrovnik, just a short walk from the famous Stradun Promenade. They are close to major attractions, restaurants, and the Adriatic sea and they are approximately 600 meters from the most famous Dubrovnik beach Banje. All accommodation units include a private bathroom, air conditioning and a cable TV. The staff will help you arrange excursions and transfers if needed.