Island Hvar- King among the dalmatian islands

Hvar Island belongs to the group of Middle Dalmatian islands and is excellently connected by ferry routes to the city of Split, the center of the county. Thanks to the 250 km long coastline dotted with beautiful beaches and nightclubs open until early morning hours, magnificent cultural monuments and fragrant lavender Hvar Island has lit their way to many a heart. It is no surprise that it is regularly included in the list of the most beautiful European islands that, in equal measure, attract both jet setters and admirers of authentic Mediterranean spirit.

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Unique harmony

This kind of unique harmony of magnificent nature, architecture and rich history is rather hard to find in the rest of the world. Hvar is a unique island which has everything a person might need for an unforgettable holiday, whether you decide to spend it in one of its two biggest towns, Hvar or Stari Grad, or in some other smaller place. Everyone can find something to their liking: Hvar is a mix of antique and modern; it is a place that is bringing together dream beaches, secluded quiet bays and noisy nightlife! Hvar is well known for its very mild Mediterranean climate. The average of 2718 hours of sun in a year makes Hvar the sunniest island in Europe! Friendly people, picturesque and intact beaches and bays, virgin nature, the scents of lavender, olive trees and wine are among many reasons the island of Hvar will leave you feeling enamored with it.

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The most luxurious destinations

One of Croatia’s most luxurious destinations, Hvar offers more than just beach parties, year-round sunshine, and the opportunity to rub shoulders with yachters. One of the most popular destinations along the Dalmatian coast, this sunny isle is full of gastronomical gems, stunning swimming holes, and some of the most charming stone villages. Hvar is guaranteed to be the ideal destination for plenty of Vitamin D. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious seaside escape, a taste of Dalmatian living, or want to island-hop for an in-depth Croatian experience, Hvar island is a fantastic introduction to the best of Croatia. The winding stone lanes of Hvar’s Town, the rustic atmosphere of Stari Grad, and the shimmering waters of the Adriatic are just a few reasons Hvar has become one of Croatia’s most popular tourist destinations.

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Hvar Island is beautiful all year round and the time of the visit depends on what aspect of vacation you are interested in. Nightlife enthusiasts will enjoy the summer months when sea reefs are red-hot just like the Hvar Island’s club scene, while for travellers who prefer a slower pace, smaller crowds, and lower prices, spring or autumn might be a better choice. Due to its mild climate, winter is also good for vacation, and people who enjoy solitude, silence, and contemplation will surely appreciate it.

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Exploring Hvar old town

This is a must on any trip to the island. Here you will experience unique architectural buildings, picturesque streets, impressive churches and a breathtakingly beautiful waterfront promenade. The side streets hide some brilliant restaurants and cozy cafés invite you to stay a little longer. Among the main attractions of Hvar are the Spanish fortress, the Cathedral of St. Stephen, the town Loggia with the nearby bell tower and the 13th-century arsenal.

Catch a beautiful view on Spanish Fortress

The old town Hvar is certainly one of the main attractions on the popular holiday island. The absolute best place to visit in Hvar town is the Fortica Španjola, the beautiful Spanish fortress built in the 13th century. It is located in the old town, about 90 meters above sea level, and offers an incredible view over the city’s rooftops, the deep blue sea, and the offshore archipelago. If you are on holiday on Hvar Island then this attraction should be on the top of your travel list.

Swim on cristal clear sea in Dubovica

Luxurious Dubovica with a fairytale beach is one of the most beautiful destinations on the island of Hvar, and its well-preserved country architecture makes the ambience of this bay unique. The whole bay has recently been under special cultural protection. Apart from the crystal clear turquoise water, which is always a shade colder than on other Hvar beaches, the crescent-shaped beach is covered with perfect white pebbles that sparkle in the sun.

Walk the old streets of Stari Grad

If you’re looking for an authentic experience in Hvar, a visit to Stari Grad – which literally means Old Town – will lend itself to discovering a quieter side to the isle of Hvar. A bit of an antithesis to the party atmosphere of Hvar Town, Stari Grad is a charming network of twisting stone lanes, rustic restaurants, and iconic buildings.

Dine on delicious dalmatian cuisine

With the sea just steps away, seafood is a common feature on Dalmatian menus. From squid specialties to fresh-caught fish of the day delicacies, the quality and flavours of Dalmatian cuisine are some of the best.  Its proximity to other Mediterranean neighbours including Italy and Greece, the sea, and a mild climate all lend to the formation of dishes that feel reminiscent of food you’ve likely eaten elsewhere with a local twist. Think homemade pasta, fragrant olive oil, catch of the day seafood, and juicy tomatoes bursting with flavour.

Sample Hvar’s best wines

Due to its abundance of natural fields and perfect climate (more than 2718 sunny hours per year), Hvar is known to have some of the finest red wine in Europe. So, if love a good vino or two, Hvar is your place.  Hvar has a proud wine-making history dating back to the ancient Greeks, so there are plenty of wineries to sample the island’s wine varieties. Most wineries are spread across the UNESCO-listed Stari Grad, Jelsa, or those clinging to the steep slopes around Sveta Nedilja.