Unique Things To Do On Hvar Island

Hvar Island, located in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Croatia, is known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and rich history. While there are plenty of popular tourist activities on the island, there are also unique and off-the-beaten-path experiences to be had. Here are some ideas for discovering the lesser-known things to do on Hvar Island.


Visit the abandoned village of Malo Grablje

Malo Grablje is an abandoned village located in the hills above Hvar Town. The village was once a thriving community, but in the 1950s, many of the villagers left for better economic opportunities in the United States. Today, the village is a ghost town, with only a few residents living there during the summer months. Visitors can explore the village’s stone houses, overgrown gardens, and narrow alleys and imagine what life was like for the former inhabitants.



Go on a kayaking adventure

Kayaking is a great way to explore Hvar’s coastline and hidden coves. Several local tour companies offer guided kayaking tours, taking visitors to secluded beaches and snorkeling spots that are only accessible by water. You can also rent a kayak and explore on your own, but be sure to take safety precautions and wear a life jacket.

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Visit the lavender fields

Hvar Island is known for its lavender fields, which bloom in the summer months. Visitors can take a guided tour of the fields, learn about the history of lavender farming on the island, and even try their hand at harvesting the fragrant flowers. The lavender fields are located in the interior of the island, and many tours include transportation from Hvar Town.



Explore the underwater world

Hvar’s crystal-clear waters are perfect for snorkeling and diving. There are several dive centers on the island that offer courses and excursions for all levels of experience. You can explore underwater caves, shipwrecks, and colorful marine life, including octopuses, seahorses, and schools of fish.

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Discover the island’s wineries

Hvar Island has a long tradition of winemaking, with several vineyards producing high-quality wines. Visitors can take a guided tour of the island’s wineries, learn about the winemaking process, and taste some of the local wines. Many of the wineries also offer stunning views of the sea and the surrounding landscape.

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Hike to the top of St. Nicholas Peak

St. Nicholas Peak is the highest point on Hvar Island, offering stunning views of the island and the surrounding sea. The peak can be reached by a challenging hike that takes about 2-3 hours round trip. Along the way, hikers will pass through beautiful forests and meadows and see traditional stone houses and churches.

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Try traditional island cuisine

Hvar Island has a rich culinary tradition, with many local specialties that are unique to the island. One popular dish is gregada, a fish stew made with potatoes, onions, and herbs, and cooked in a traditional clay pot. Another traditional dish is pasticada, beef cooked in a red wine and vegetable sauce, served with gnocchi or polenta. Visitors can try these dishes and more at local restaurants and taverns throughout the island.

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In summary, there are many unique things to do on Hvar Island that go beyond the typical tourist activities. Visitors can explore abandoned villages, go kayaking or snorkeling, discover the island’s wineries and culinary traditions, attend local festivals, go on a sea safari, take a cooking class, hike to the highest peak and explore the Pakleni Islands. With so many options, there’s something for everyone to discover on this beautiful and unique island.