Enjoy the beaches and crystal sea at Korcula Island


Korcula Island is a Croatian Island in the Adriatic Sea and it lies off Dalmatian coast. According to the demographics, Korcula is the second most populated island in Croatia counting more than 15 500 inhabitants. The main settlements on the island are towns of Korcula, Vela Luka and Blato. The climate of the island is mild Mediterranean climate which makes Korcula suitable for visit during whole year. Water clarity is fantastic, so wherever you can get into the sea, you are free to swim.


How to Spend a Weekend in Korcula!

When is it warm enough to swim on Korcula?

Traditionally the first day of summer is on May 1st, which is a national holiday here on Croatia. It is still possible to swim in September, as the sea has been heated by the sun all summer. It is even possible to swim into October and in some particularly hot years as late as November. The average sea temperatures between June and September are between 22 – 25 degrees Celsius. Many of the beaches on Korcula and across Croatia, in general, are pebble or rocky.

What should you take to the beach?

Before you head to the beach, unless it’s one of the few sandy beaches on Korčula, be prepared for the pebbles. Many of these beaches don’t have a lot of shade, or umbrellas available even, so be sure to pack some sunscreen.


Korcula is well known in Croatia for the quality of its beaches that provide tranquility and unspoiled charm. This place has really beautiful beaches, great places to walk or windsurf in the winter and excellent spots to sunbathe and swim in the summer.Enjoy our list of top beaches on Korcula Island!


Banje Beach

Banje Beach is pebble Korcula Town beach, situated in Borak area in the vicinity of Marko Polo, Liburna and Park Hotel. This is the oldest beach in the town. This pebble beach can get very busy, crowded with tourists as well as locals. With several cafes and restaurants close by you can get a drink or a bite to eat without the need to change out of beachwear. The beach is very popular with locals who live around the Borak area, as well as the members of the swimming and waterpolo club, who like to go for swim at Banje after their training sessions at the adjacent pool.


Vela Przina

One of the best known beaches on Korcula Island is Vela Przina and it is located in Lumbarda. It’s a perfect beach for families with children because it is a sand beach and it has a nearby restaurant where you can have a lunch and take a break from hot sun. You also have the possibility of renting sunbeds and parasols and play beach volleyball on the court above the beach.


Bacva Bay near Pupnat

This small pebble bay with clear azure waters is typical of the beautiful beaches that Korcula boasts. It’s a “comfortable-to-lie-on” pebble beach and there are a few sun loungers available to hire via the bay restaurant. Located about 13 km from Korcula, head towards Pupnat taking the road on the left before the village, signposting to the bay. The road winds down to this stunning sheltered bay. There is a small restaurant here serving grilled meats and mouth-watering fresh fish & seafood. This beach is perfect for a relaxed family or friend holiday.


Zitna beach

You’ll spy the turquoise waters of the Adriatic when you reach the viewpoint overlooking Zitna Beach. Follow the steps down to the seafront and you’ll see how the narrow bay widens as it stretches past the rocks. The beach, on the southern side of Korcula island, is a short stroll away from the fishing village of Zavalatica.


Pupnatska Luka

Only 15 kilometres from the town of Korcula is located one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. The beach is picturesque and it gives you spectacular views of nearby Lastovo Island. At the bottom of this beautiful bay there is a restaurant where you can take a break from hot sun and enjoy the excellent offer of various Dalmatian dishes. Deservedly popular, Pupnatska Luka is a beautiful & deep pebble beach located a few kilometres from the village of Pupnat. The best way to reach Pupnatska Luka beach is by car/scooter. The deep bay keeps it well sheltered making it family friendly. You can also hire kayaks, sun loungers and umbrellas there.


Bilin Zal

Bilin Zal Beach is relatively small beach but nevertheless it is quite popular among tourists and locals. This sandy beach is located on the eastern shore of Lumbarda and it can be reached by bus from Korcula Old Town. Since there is no natural shade on this beach, visitors are advised to bring parasols. The beach also has wheelchair access. North-facing Bilin Žal beach has a tiny strip of sand bordered by lots of pebble and rock, but it is very shallow and reasonably smooth underfoot – making it the perfect paddling beach. The views of Pelješac across the water are magnificent, and there is a cafe and grill-restaurant in a semi-ruined 15th-century bishop’s castle right on the beach.



Proizd Beach is not actually on the Korcula Island, but on the homonymous tiny island near Korcula. During summer there are regular boat connections from Vela Luka to Proizd so you can do a perfect day trip. There is a small restaurant along the Proizd pier where you can have a lunch so you don’t need to worry you will stay hungry. There are 4 main “beaches” to swim. Picture memorising turquoise sea and white pebbles reflecting the sun.



Korcula is well known for the quality and variety of its beaches that provide excellent windsurfing conditions and are great places to swim and sunbathe or walk even on a stormy winter’s day. From the shores of Korcula you’re only a few miles from the Croatian mainland, but you’ll feel completely disconnected from the rest of the world. Time slows down on Korcula, where you can spend your days rambling between vineyards and waiting for fiery sunsets over the Adriatic. It may be sandcastles, sunbathing, snorkeling, windsurfing, or walking along a sandy stretch. The island has a varied coastline and because of this, can boast shingle coves, sandy beaches, secret inlets, and rock pools to discover