Wonderful coastal towns on Korcula Island


Korcula is internationally famous as a vacation island. Countless beautiful beaches, the medieval old town, the many islets, the excellent wines and the hospitality of the people attract visitors from all over the world every year.

Its most visited destinations are the Korcula town, known as mini Dubrovnik, with its cluster of terracotta-roofed houses above medieval fortified walls and round towers, facing a narrow sea channel with mountain views from the neighboring peninsula, Lumbarda a small village surrounded by Grk-producing vineyards and the only sand beaches on the island and Vela Luka, the island’s second main port on its western side; a modest resort, known for its prehistoric archaeological finds. Smaller towns and villages around the island, such as Brna, Prizba, and Racisce are less popular but offer a quieter, more local holiday experience, away from the increasing tourist crowds in Croatia.


How to Spend a Weekend in Korcula!


Korcula Town is the island’s most visited destination. The ancient city is perched on a small peninsula and wrapped in defensive stone walls. The town’s pedestrian-only streets were designed like a fishbone, the main thoroughfare runs through the center with angled side streets branching off each side. The layout was thoughtfully planned to welcome the summer breeze and limit the winter wind. Korcula town is a walled town on the easternmost point Korcula Island near some delightful beaches. Korcula Town offers one of Croatia’s most romantic views and the striking Venetian architecture makes it a top sight. Approaching by ferry is simply unforgettable. Korcula Old Town is a popular place to visit for anyone who is visiting the area around Dubrovnik, Split or Peljesac in Croatia. It is a small medieval walled town that was built on the tiny peninsula on the northeast coast of the Korcula island. The town is also known to be referred to as ‘a small Dubrovnik‘ due to its resemblance to the more popular tourist spot.

The old town of Korcula

The old town of Korcula is one of the most important and best-preserved urban complexes in the Adriatic. Densely built inside powerful defensive walls, located on the most extended part of the channel, architectonically complete in whole and in part, it gives an exciting and authentic picture of medieval architecture. The old town itself is just about a few hundred meters long and under one hundred meters wide which makes it easy to walk around and explore its streets, old houses, palaces, churches, museums, and town walls.

The entrance to the Old Town is through the Land Gate at the southern end. Above this gate is also the Revelin tower which you can partially climb up for some scenic views. There is another entrance to the Old Town to its west – the Sea Gate.

Korcula claims to be the birthplace of merchant and traveller Marco Polo. If he was not born in Korcula then he certainly was prominent in the local area and surrounding seas. A family named Depolo certainly existed on the island and this actual house does not stem from the times of Marco . However, it may still be worth a nosy around – at least to go up the watchtower for some great views.

One of the most famous “symbols” of Korcula is the famous Moreska sword dance. Meaning “Moorish”, the dance used to depict the battle between the Moors and the Christians, although today is shown as a battle between a White King or Emperor and his followers (who are actually all dressed in red) and Black King or Emperor, who has kidnapped the bride of the White King. The two leaders’ armies do “battle”, accompanied to music, until the Black King surrenders. Performed weekly during summer, it is well worth a watch.


Vela Luka is one the largest and most modern towns on Korcula. It provides an all-round holiday destination on the island. You can fill your time chilling on pretty beaches, explore caves and enjoy the sounds of local music. There are a number of restaurants and cafes providing you with plenty of opportunities to sample local delicacies. As well as shops and supermarkets, should you prefer to self cater. The town is located on the far west of Korcula Island. The two attractive small islets of Proizd and Osjak lie just off the town’s shoreline. The small town Vela Luka is a charming resort on Korcula Island and is located in a sheltered bay at the upper end of the popular holiday island. Visitors appreciate the cozy atmosphere, the lovely old town with the beautiful harbor, the wide range of activities and the many wonderful quiet beaches that are located around Vela Luka. If you are looking for a relaxed holiday flair in Croatia, you will definitely find your personal holiday pleasure here.


Here is a list of great things to do in Vela Luka!


Explore Vela Spila

A really impressive attraction of Vela Luka is the Vela Spilja Cave. It is located above the town on the Pinska rat hill and is one of the most important archaeological sites on the island of Korcula. The oldest finds date back to the late Stone Age, around 3,200 BC. If you want to get active, leave the car in town and hike up to the Vela Spilja Cave. On the way, you will always enjoy a fantastic view of the old town and down to the long bay.


Visit the Cultural Centre

Visit the town’s Cultural Centre, which is housed in a beautifully renovated Baroque building in the centre of the town. There are a number of displays including excavated finds from the caves, ethnographic collections and galleries.


Take a boat trip to Proizd

Take a ferry boat across to the nearby islets of Proizd or Osjak. Everything you can imagine about a paradise island can be found here, from the tiny white pebbles to the crystal blue sea. It is an absolute highlight of Vela Luka. Several times the dream beaches of the island have been voted by magazines as the most beautiful in Croatia. Proizd is uninhabited, so you can enjoy wonderful nature and seclusion while strolling across the island and to the beaches. These islets can be reached from Vela Luka by taxi boat several times a day and with a little luck you can spot dolphins on the way.


Hike to Hum Mountain

Another highlight of Vela Luka is the viewpoint of the Hum Mountain. It can be reached by car on a partly unpaved road, but also by bike or on foot along the hiking trails. Once at the top you will reach the small Hum fortress from the 19th century, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of Vela Luka and the eastern part of Korcula.



Korčula is one of the most beautiful gems of Croatia, and over time, because of its remarkable beauty and its strategic position, everyone wanted to live there and now everyone wants to vacation there. If you plan to visit Korcula you need to see Korcula Town and Vela Luka and of course all other beautiful, breathtaking cities.