Top 5 Outdoor Adventures in Split

Split is very close to many destinations that are suitable for guests seeking active and adrenaline activities. The most popular such destination is the canyon of the Cetina river which is an amazing sight and the most popular adventure destination in the region, situated about 30 km from Split. The river Cetina is perfect for rafting and canyoning. A zipline was built that goes over the river and connects the two sides of the canyon, and the high rocky sides make it a great place for rock climbing. Having a very nice coastal line, a lot of kayaking tours are organized going around Marjan. The Split hinterland is a very nice place to try quad-biking.

As you can imagine, you could spend days just enjoying the numerous activities in the region. Since you probably don’t have so much time, we listed here our top 5 recommended adventure tours from Split, so we hope it will help you decide the best option for you. Some are more extreme than others and maybe more suitable to younger people, but all of them provide a great experience and something that you will not easily forget.


Spend An Unforgettable And Active Vacation In Split!


  1. Rafting

Rafting tour on Cetina River from Split is the most popular and most attended adventure tour in Dalmatia. Rafting in the protected area of the river canyon attracts many tourists every summer. The rafting tour from Split for that reason is one of the excursions you just have to go on! Experience the adrenaline rush of paddling down the gorgeous rapids, learn to conquer your fear of heights by jumping off 5 meters high rocks, take a shower under a waterfall. Further down the stream you will see the “Island of Love” and it’s inhabitants, together with the most gorgeous green river and the magnificent Cetina canyon. Enjoy yourselves with an exciting adrenaline-infused whitewater rafting tour from Split that will surely leave an everlasting impression onto you for the years to come.

It’s not every day you can experience a refreshing experience like a rafting tour from Split. Enjoy paddling downstream whilst appreciating the adventure you’re in. The tour is a perfect tour for anyone that hasn’t gone previously on any other adventure tour, allowing everyone to have a great time with a rafting tour from Split.

2. Zip line

Ziplining is an amazing experience and a really safe adrenaline activity. If you find yourself in Omiš or Split, then you’re in luck, because this is one of the best zip line tours in Europe! Ziplining is an extraordinary activity and if you never tried it, you really should. While the most popular Zipline near Split is the one over the Cetina river, 2 other ziplines where built in the region, one over the river Čikola near Šibenik, and the other on the mountain Kozjak, overlooking the city of Split.

From the first moment when you step into the canyon your look will not be able to rest on just one of the beauties at this place. Breathe fresh air and absorb the positive energy of the untouched nature that surrounds you. In front of your eyes is the canyon of this untouched beauty, which for thousands of years has flowed and created mystical shapes. The impressions are forceful and you know that behind you is an adventure and experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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3. Quad biking

Quad biking tour is the perfect way to get a true taste of Dalmatia’s Inland nature. Great for the whole family, quad bike experience offers breathtaking views and guaranteed fun. With quad biking you can xperience hidden natural beauties and historical sites of Croatia. Experienced guides will take you off the beaten path, and show you places that even most of the local population is unaware of. Excitement and thrill of conquering off road obstacles, like steep hills, on our unpaved dirt track will make you feel alive! Driving through ruins of historic villages, and wild nature landscapes, you will find yourself in almost uncharted territory.

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4. Sea kayaking

Kayaking is one of the most relaxing but still considered an adventure tour. Most of the kayaking tours in Split take you around the hill of Marjan so that you are not going on the open sea but staying close to the shore all the time. Kayaking is a bit more physically intensive activity but you can always take short brakes so no worries. It is however recommended that children are accompanied by an adult. There are also some more intensive kayaking options for people seeking something more challenging.

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5. Canyoning

Canyoning is a combination of walking, swimming, floating, cascading down natural chutes and water slides and sometimes using special rope systems when including lowering or abseiling. If you want a more extreme version of Rafting – this is it. While still being popularized not many people are aware of this adrenaline sport. You go down the river without a raft, you just wear a life jacket and proceed on foot, swim or just let the river take you downstream. This is definitely not suitable for minors, and you should be completely out of shape. Safety equipment such as helmets is included and mandatory and while you could get a smaller injury, overall you should be fine as you will be escorted by a professional guide. This is one of the most extreme activities! Do you have what it takes?

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