Explore unique adventures at Korcula Island


One of the most popular travel destinations on Croatia’s South Dalmatian coast, the island of Korcula is also one of the greenest. Its dark, dense pine forests inspired the Ancient Cnidian Greeks to name it Melaina Korkyra when they settled there in 6 BC. Like its neighbors Dubrovnik and Hvar, the island has much to offer in terms of history, culture, and of course, natural beauty, with the bonus of having a more relaxed and authentic ambiance.

If you enjoy adrenaline, Korcula offers exciting outdoor adventure activities like sea kayaking, mountain biking, paragliding, scuba diving and more. You can take a day out with Donkey Safari and explore the island’s vineyards and countryside.


Wonderful coastal towns on Korcula Island!

Windsurf on Korcula Island

One of the most popular water sport activities in Korcula, thanks to the glorious Korčula weather, is windsurfing. The island is located in a prime position to catch the perfect afternoon Maestral, a summer wind that allows windsurfers to enjoy plenty of movement out on the waters. Maestral is a popular summer wind. It brings freshness and breeze to Korcula’s summers as well as it creates a great windsurfers playground on sea. Gliding over the open sea connects guests and locals alike, and all skill levels are welcome to join in. No other sport in Korcula can give you the feeling of windsurfing – the unbeatable feeling of being out in the open, gliding effortlessly over clear waters of the Peljesac or Korcula channel.

Cycle Korcula Island

The best part is Korcula is also a fabulous cycling destination with cool country lanes, trails, and both on and off road routes zig-zagging the entire island. Whilst there are no marked routes as yet, the entire island offers exceptional facilities for cycling with loads of paths and trails that will take you through Korcula’s picturesque vineyards, olive groves, fields, and its beautiful coastline. Korcula island has a lot of quiet country lanes and scenic off-road routes that make this island an ideal destination for a holiday or short break that includes cycling or mountain biking as a recreation activity. The whole Island has very good facilities for cycling with lots of small tracks running into the countryside, among vineyards and olive groves, some of them offering nice views, especially ones running along the coast. Bicycle tours around the island are fun for all ages.

Explore the Korcula coastline with a kayak

The island of Korcula is a great place to try sea kayaking. It offers the widest range of sea environments to enjoy. There are plenty of interesting beaches, bays, sheltered harbors, and islets to kayak to. Some are further away while other places are on easy paddling distance from beaches and villages. The crystal-clear Adriatic waters around Korcula beg to be explored by kayak. Few things are as relaxing and exciting—at the same time as an afternoon excursion with a sea kayak. This is a super-fun way of getting around the island. In any case, a kayak gives you the freedom to access hidden coves, bays, and beaches near Korcula Town that may otherwise be unreachable.

Spent the day at Donkey safari

Donkey Safari excursion is an excellent way to take in Korcula’s scenery. Starting in the town of Žrnovo, ride donkeys through the olive groves to the beautiful Pavja Luka pebble bay. There you can spend the day soaking up the sun, swimming, snorkeling, or even reading that book you haven’t found time for yet.

Go scuba diving

Blessed with some of Croatia’s most transparent waters, Korcula is a dream destination for scuba divers and snorkelers. Underneath gentle waves of the relatively shallow Adriatic Sea around the island, you’ll find hidden caves, underwater walls, several shipwrecks, and dozens of fish species. Most of the popular dive sites around Korcula are accessible via a short boat ride, located only a short distance from the island. Visibility is almost always phenomenal—you can usually see further than 30 meters. There are a few dive centers on the island of Korcula, which offer diving lessons and excursions.



Korcula can be summed up as an island of history and nature, great wine, and food. No matter if you want to watch a beautiful sunset from the old town, do a sunset kayak tour, rent a scooter, go scuba diving or rent a kayak or boat to explore the Adriatic- you are at the right place.