Cuisine of Korcula Island for gourmets



Korcula Island is a top destination for travellers seeking to escape from it all and experience authentic Croatia. Just like the more popular Dalmatian island choices, Korčula has plenty to offer in terms of beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, and friendly hospitality. Situated in proximity to Brac, Hvar and Mljet islands, Korčula is the perfect place to stop over when you’re island hopping in Croatia.

The cuisine of the Adriatic coast was influenced by neighboring Italy and France slightly larger than the cuisine of central Croatia. In Korcula, you can easily order the usual Croatian meat courses as well as the popular seafood courses at any local restaurant. Life on the island is simple and modest, and those are the basis of Korčula’s cuisine – the Mediterranean diet is simple, but it is certainly rich in flavors and aromas. The most basic ingredient for the preparation of different meals is olive oil. Korčula has about thousands of agricultural farms that grow olives. The island’s olive oil has a protected designation of origin, as well as a protected geographical indication of the European Union.


Enjoy the beaches and crystal sea at Korcula Island!

Traditional meals to eat at Korcula Island

Cultural and civilization influences of many nations came from the sea. People lived off the sea and with the sea. Therefore, it is no surprise that Korčula cuisine is replete with a variety of fish dishes, the most popular one being Popara, a special kind of fish stew, similar to other local fish stew dishes, such as lešada and brodet. The deep interior of the Island has preserved its history and long tradition which are reflected in its cuisine, as well. We must mention the octopus cooked in its own juices, as it is prepared on the Island. Once you taste it, you can discover the scents and flavors of Korčula, and it feels like exploring the present and the past of the Island of Korčula with your palate, as well as discovering the charm of this unique island with its heritage having emerged from its environment, forming a blend of tradition and external influences, as the spices and ingredients are mixed together in a rich and traditional gastronomic culture of the Island.

On of most popular meals on Korcula Island Zrnovski makaruni. This dish is a traditional one and, in its honor, every august, the town Žrnovo organizes Makarunada, a festival which promotes makaruni! This event has both humanitarian and entertaining character. This meal can be combined with various sauces, meat, seafood, and more. Dalmatinska pašticada is also a traditional Dalmatian dish consisting of beef that is marinated in vinegar and spices for up to a couple of days, after which it’s stewed in red wine or prošek with bacon, tomatoes, a few dried prunes or figs, and root vegetables. Once cooked, the sauce is puréed and additionally seasoned with a selection of various spices. Traditionally, the dish is served with a side of gnocchi or homemade pasta. It is recommended to serve pašticada with some grated cheese on top.

When it comes to sweets, prikle or fritule are the most popular on the island. They are fried in oil and enriched with raisins and almonds. The island’s signature sweets are cukarini, klašuni, krokant, hroštule, kotonjata, and lumblija. All these sweets and desserts are quite simple to make but they are rich with tradition, sweet nuances, and amazing flavors.

What to drink on this amazing island

Croatia produces some of the finest yet seemingly unknown wines in Europe. It is imperative that you compliment the delicious flavours of the food you sample with local wine. There are a number of fine wine producers on Korcula Island as well as on mainland (Peljesac). The superb Mediterranean climate helps produce top wines. Prices vary depending on the quality of the grapes. However, even the cheaper “house or domestic” wines served in restaurants or at the markets are delicious. There is an amazing variety. You can sample light easily palatable white wines which go perfectly with fresh fish, to full-bodied reds to accompany your lamb or steak. Korčula has a millennial tradition of making amazing wines. While the rest of Dalmatia is known for its red wines, Korčula has some pretty delicious white wines from indigenous grape varieties. In the central part of the island are small towns Smokvica and Čara, and they are known for Pošip and Rukatac. If we go a bit to the east, there is Lumbarda which is famous for its white wine called Grk. Besides white wines, the most widespread red wine is Plavac mali.



Korčula is truly an island of beauty, breathtaking nature, clear sea, and delicious gastronomy in combination with amazing nuances of autochthonous wines. Even though it is a popular destination, Korčula still provides peace and relaxation. Whether you want to enjoy its beautiful history or culture, whether you want to explore all its coves or just enjoy the traditional dishes and tasting wines – Korčula is an amazing place to be, relax, explore, and taste!